Talking Bhagavad Gita
Talking Bhagavad Gita

Talking Bhagavad Gita

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The New Talking Bhagavad Gita is available! Order now so that you get your copy first! Available for a special price of Rs. 12000/-

The World’s First Illustrated Speaking Book in 14 Languages with Guided Meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Beautifully Crafted and Packed in a Beautiful Printed Silk Pouch, Hard Bound, Aquas Coating, Golden Glittering, and Golden Edges

MultiSensory Technology: Now Learn at your convenience and pace. Bhagavad Gita uses a multisensory Book and Reader that has a unique combination of TOUCHSOUNDVISUAL technology. Each touch to the pages triggers audio responses that engage the reader for a longer time and enable independent learning.

Interactive Art Illustration: Over 180 original illustrations with built-in interactivity.

The Premium Gift Box: Premium gift box containing Gita, Wisdom flute, Charger. This is attractively designed and can be gifted on any occasion.

Translation: The Translation of all 700 Verses of Gita in 14 Languages: Hindi, English, Assamese, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Odiya, Spanish, French, and Nepali besides Sanskrit

Explanation: Detailed Explanation of each verse in today’s context in Hindi and English.

Word by Word Meaning: Correct Pronunciation of each word in Sanskrit and Its meaning in Hindi

108 Krishna Bhajans: Bhajans on Krishna Six in Each

18 Meditations: Guided Meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar helps you to calm the mind and bring solace to yourself. One meditation in each chapter

Recitation of Shlokas in Hindi and Sanskrit

Learn Chanting and Record and Compare Pronunciation

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Cassar Torreggiani

It’s great more than I expected . The technology it beyond anything expected. The presentation is wonderful.but most of all the content is so great it keeps you wanting to listen more and more .

bishnu prasad gautam
भागवत Gita

Thanks to publishers, technology and whole team. If possible please include schedule languages and state languages of India and top hundred languages of the world.

N.Prasad Rao

It is a world class technology brought to indian pooja rooms. This is the best ever gift to retired parents from their sons and son inlaws. Those who have difficulties in reading at old age, this talking bagavatgita is God's gift till their life time. I am duty bound to SriSri foundation rest of my life. Om namo Narayana. Sarvam krishnarpanam. 🙏🙏🙏

Sushmita Dutta


Minal K Patil

Cost was felt to be on a higher side at the time of buying. Now that we have it I think its worth it. A must for a person of every religion.