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Legacy of Peace: Trust Walk PRINT Sale – Collector’s Delight

Presenting Trust Walk collection, with 100 Special Edition 60 inches * 40 inches PRINTS of the original artwork titled “The Trust Walk” (TTW),  capturing the essence of universally-revered humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace and human values, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar’s courage and unwavering determination towards bringing lasting global peace and harmony. The Buyer of the PRINT gets an opportunity to collect a correspondingly numbered complementary one of 100 special edition Trust Walk Digital NFT. 

Artistic Genesis: The original artwork “The Trust Walk” painting by renowned artist Jagannath Panda is inspired from Swami Virupaksha’s celebrated literary work, “The Tiger’s Pause” – recognised as an Amazon No. 1 bestseller. Please refer to for the book.
For a glimpse into the artist’s reflections and inspirations behind this creation, please refer to

Artistic Distinction:

Crafted with the delicate precision of realism figurative style, the original painting embodies more than artistic mastery; it is imbued with a symbolic robe worn by Gurudev, enhancing its narrative and historical value and marking the presence and recalling the time as the Artist envisions it. 

Each one of the 100 prints available for collectors is a testament to themes of unity, serenity, and the profound message against conflict. 

Material and Preservation:

The choice of Hahnemühle Daguerre canvas for each print ensures that every piece resonates with quality and endurance. Following the advanced digital printing process, each artwork is carefully mounted onto a sturdy wooden frame. The print is then protected with a clear acrylic cover and a final glass casing, which not only preserves the work but also adds a level of polished elegance. This meticulous process secures the longevity of the print while honoring the essence of the original masterpiece.

Authenticity Embodied: We strive to ensure the singularity of your acquisition: prints are numbered (1 to 100), signed by the artist, and include a certificate of authenticity and ownership, solidifying your exclusive claim to a piece of this limited series. 

We invite you to enrich your collection with this emblem of peace and unity. Join us in celebrating art that transcends the visual to embody the spirit of human connection and collective purpose.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits:

Upon securing your print, you will gain:

  • An opportunity to claim a complimentary corresponding numbered Trust Walk NFT, enhancing your collection's provenance. You will need to create( if you don’t own one) and share your metamask wallet for the same.
  • A signed copy of the Amazon bestseller "The Tiger’s Pause" by Swami Virupaksha. 

Elevate Your Collection; Amplify Your Portfolio: Here’s an unparalleled opportunity to possess art that’s an exquisite collection piece.

Join us in this symphony of art, impact, purpose, authenticity and the soul of humanity.

Dispatch Deliverables:
1. One of only 100 Trust Walk PRINT

  1. One of only 100 Trust Walk NFT, If NFT is claimed by buyer,

(This will be a printout of the NFT. Digital NFT will be transferred to the buyer’s wallet. The buyer has to create his own wallet, if he does not have, and share the address for the transfer)

  1. One copy of ‘The Tiger’s Pause” book signed by the Author 

Important Notes:
1. Print Variations: There may be minor variations in the exact physical size of the prints.
2. Original Painting Availability: The original painting is not available for purchase as part of this collection.
3. Representation Differences: While the NFT’s digital representation is based on the original painting, the PRINT may exhibit subtle variations from the original work.
4. Dispatch Advisory for PRINTS: Once payment for the NFT acquisition is successfully received, the PRINT will be prepared for dispatch, anticipated to be ready within four weeks. Buyers will be notified when their print is ready for collection by the buyer from the Seller’s premises.
5. Dispatch Responsibility & Costs: Dispatch to the buyer’s address is the responsibility of the buyer. All associated expenses, including packaging, insurance, shipping, and customs clearance, are the buyer’s responsibility. The seller will, however, facilitate the dispatch process.

For complete purchase terms and conditions, please visit TRUST_WALK_PRINT_BUYER TERMS

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